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Archive of BOD, HOA Meeting Minutes

BOD and HOA Meeting Minutes

Our minutes are presented in Adobe PDF format for easy consumption.  Please download the Adobe Acrobat Reader below if you do not have it already.

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Recent documents
Annual Meeting March 26th 2019
Annual Meeting March 20th 2018
Annual Meeting March 21st 2017
Annual Meeting March 29th 2016
Annual Meeting March 31st 2015
Annual Meeting March 13th, 2013
Board of Directors Meeting - 5.24.2012
Annual Meeting March 2nd 2011
Annual Meeting March 3rd 2010
Annual Meeting April 21st 2009
HOA Meeting March 10th 2009
HOA Meeting March 6th 2009
Annual Meeting February 24th 2009
Annual Meeting April 22nd 2008
Special HOA Meeting November 12th 2007

Older documents
Annual Meeting June 5th, 2002
HOA Meeting September 23rd, 2002
HOA Meeting December 12th, 2002
HOA Meeting March 13th, 2003
Annual Meeting April 29th, 2003
HOA Meeting June 16th 2003
HOA Meeting September 30th 2003
HOA Meeting January 13th 2004
HOA Meeting March 25th 2004
Annual Meeting March 30th 2004
HOA Meeting June 16th 2004
HOA Meeting October 19th 2004
Annual Meeting February 8th 2005
HOA Meeting August 11th 2005
HOA Meeting October 19th 2005
HOA Meeting January 24th 2006
Annual Meeting March 7th 2006
HOA Meeting June 14th 2006
HOA Meeting November 2nd 2006
Annual Meeting February 27th 2007
HOA Meeting May 14th 2007