Meadowview Park
meadow view park For those of you who are new to the neighborhood, one of our goals is to make opportunities for neighbors to get connected. One way is through the “WIN” (Women in the Neighborhood) events that are available to both Meadowview Park and China Creek residents.  WIN sponsors many events, including the annual “Spring Egg Hunt” (at China Creek Park), the annual garage sale, and various parties and other community gatherings.  If you are interested in being on WIN’s mailing list, please email Tori Fischer at [ torifisher at aol dot com ].

If you are new to the neighborhood, Welcome!  Meadowview Park is a wonderful neighborhood for neighbors, friends and families. 

Our Objective

To maintain property values and ensure enjoyment of property for the homeowners of Meadowview Park.


HOA Annual Meeting

The Meadow View Park Homeowner’s Association annual meeting took place on March 26, 2019.  

The minutes of the meeting can be found here


Meadowview Park requires that any exterior changes to your home (with the exception of non-structural landscape) requires approval using the new Change Request Form (CRF) .  This straightforward process is described on the CRF and outlined in the CCRs.  Change Request Forms must be submitted to any member of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for review and Board Approval. Please note: any work begun or completed without approval is subject to penalties.  To contact the ACC, please send email to:  to [ acc (at) meadowviewpark (dot) org ].

We have also posted our articles of incorporation and bylaws in the document section here.


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