Meadowview Park
Scheduled events, dues, board meetings.

HOA Schedule

MVP HOA Annual Meeting: 

The Meadow View Park Homeowners Association has one annual meeting every spring, usually in the month of March.  Dates and times are posted on the website from time to time. Homeowners are notified in writing .

MVP Annual Dues:

Each homeowner of record will receive by mail an annual billing along with newsletter and Proxy Form after the first of
the year. Dues are due upon receipt and may be remitted by mail to:
Meadowview Park Home Owners Association
6947 Coal Creek Parkway S.E.
PMB 249Newcastle, Washington 98059-3159

Architectural Control Committee Meetings:

The MVP ACC meets on a monthly basis on the first of the month at such a location as determined by the members. To request meeting location, times and information, please email  [ acc (at) meadowviewpark (dot) org ]. To assure swift processing of Change Request Forms, please submit your complete CRF in duplicate to the ACC at least two weeks prior to their monthly meeting.

MVP Board Meetings:

The MVP Board of Directors meets monthly on the 15th of the month as needed, or by special session. The location is determined prior to the meeting and may be conducted by phone or email if business allows. To contact the MVP Board please email [ secretary (at) meadowviewpark (dot) org ].

Community Events

No current communtity events.